Sows and Soil: Building a Sustainable and Profitable Farm

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This post originally appeared on Ecoagriculture.org at http://blog.ecoagriculture.org/2013/09/30/stoddart_real-dirt/ How does the way we think about intensifying agricultural production change when not just focused at a farm level? It’s unfortunate that this question needs to be asked at all. Nothing in the biological world has the defined boundaries that we use to understand our world. Ecosystems are fractal structures that every time you zoom in closer look exactly the same – from the planet as a whole down to the organelles within a cell – the boundaries that we define don’t exist. There...

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Can conventional or organic feed the world?

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Just a short rant this month (it is spring despite the weather – 8 calves this week) Those of you with a debating background or a good grounding in critical thinking will know the meaning of “red herring” – it’s essentially an argument that is thrown out there to distract you from the real argument. There have been so many red herrings thrown into the conventional versus organic agriculture debate I bet I could have a lifetime supply of pickled herring if I gathered them all up. Today I’m going to focus on one – the debate about whether organic or...

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Child’s Science Experiment: Potatoes and Chemicals

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Our Mentor Joel Salatin Video – Energy and Agriculture

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Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms are one of our mentors. In this video he discusses the energy implications of different agricultural models.

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Cross of Gold Quote

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Sheep Vista

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