Endocrine Disruption: The pesticide impact that Big Ag hopes you never find out about

Posted on Dec 2, 2011 | 0 comments

I think one of my next Compost Piles will have to centre on endocrine disruption. There has been credible science pointing to low dose endocrine effects from man made chemicals for over 15 years and yet we haven’t forced testing of even the heavily regulated pesticides. The two most commonly used herbicides in North America – atrazine and glyphosate (Roundup) are both suspected endocrine disruptors. Documented endocrine disruption impacts include premature birth, developmental delays, breast cancer, reproductive problems, low sperm counts and many more.

Here is a website that maintains a database with over 800 chemicals listed that have sound scientific evidence showing endocrine disruption:


This book is out of print but if you can get a copy it is a compelling read, despite being 15 years old, nothing much has been done:




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