Folks, this ain’t normal – Joel Salatin

Posted on Nov 19, 2011 | 0 comments

I’ve heard Joel speak 4 times and I own every book he’s ever written. I consider Joel one of my mentors even though the longest conversation I’ve had with him was probably 5 minutes at a conference in Harrisburg, PA. His latest book is his first published by a “mainstream” publisher. All his previous books were self-published. Why do I note that? Hopefully, it means that Joel’s homespun wisdom is seeping into the consciousness of everyday North Americans.

His latest book is Joel’s take on what’s wrong with the food system and what you can do to improve it. He covers everything from the pile of plastic trash generated by each flight of an airplane to the impact of western charity on developing economies to the benefits of management intensive grazing. I enjoyed the book, as usual. Joel’s breezy style makes for an easy read. His ideas make for some thought provoking reflection.

Folks, there’s a lot that ain’t normal; Joel’s views included. But then “normal” is just a setting on your dryer anyway.

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