Meat glue – Yet Another Way to Deceive Consumers

Posted on Mar 26, 2011 | 7 comments

UPDATE: Meat glue was approved for use in Canada but originally only for limited uses – primarily in fish and dairy processed products. Here is the wording covering it’s original uses and the addition of several new uses in Canada:

Provisions currently exist in the Food and Drug Regulations for the use of the transglutaminase enzyme derived from Streptoverticillium mobaraense strain S-8112 to enhance the texture of a variety of foods, including unstandardized prepared fish products, simulated meat products, unstandardized cheese, processed cheese and cream cheese products, yogurt and unstandardized frozen dairy desserts at levels consistent with good manufacturing practice.


Therefore, it is the intention of Health Canada to recommend that the Food and Drug Regulations be amended to permit the use of transglutaminase in prepared meat, prepared meat by-product, prepared poultry meat, prepared poultry meat by-product, solid cut meat with or without added phosphate salts, solid cut poultry meat with or without added phosphate salts, pumping pickle and cover pickle, preserved meat, preserved meat by-products, sausage, preserved poultry meat, preserved poultry meat by-product, meat loaf and meat by-product loaf at levels consistent with good manufacturing practice.

The full text of the Gazetted article can be found here:

An Interim Marketing Authorization was issued in November of 2007.

In case you are wondering what a “solid cut meat” is, here is the definition:

Type 1 – Solid cut meat product: A solid cut meat product is a whole cut of meat or a product consisting of at least 80% of pieces of boneless, skinless meat weighing a minimum of 25 g each, as determined prior to the addition of any other ingredient and further processing activities. This category includes products such as chicken wings, poultry carcasses, steaks, pork tails, tongues, picnics, certain hams, etc. [B.14.020, B.22.011]


Here’s a video that will make you question what you see in a grocery meat case.  The Aussie video I’m linking you to makes the stuff sound horrific.  It is widely used and is approved for use in Canada, the US and Europe despite what the video says.

Meat glue – Today Tonight.

We promise that any piece of meat you receive from us will not have been glued together in anyway.


  1. It’s not real pleasant to find stuff like this out but it has to be told! This is what my children and my grandchildren are consuming and frankly, I am so fed up with not knowing exactly what we are ingesting while we eat!

  2. Meat glue is used in the process of meat processed and sold in Canada.
    According to this video clip bacteria which is used to produce meat glue is dangerous to health.

    Click on this link to learn more:

    Google “is Meat Glue used in Canada” for much more information.

    This process must be stopped

  3. Come on guy use your heads this whole think is an internet hoax. Do some googleing you will see.

    Stop being a fear monger.

    • Sorry, I did my research on this one. It’s been around for a long time. Anything that has been glued needs to be cooked to well done the same as hamburger to ensure the bacteria on the inside have been killed. A real steak is sterile on the inside and can be safely eaten once the bacteria on the outside have been killed.

  4. Meat glue is NOT used in Canada, you may find it in the States but it isnt used in Canada- unless your buying steaks off a dock, or out of some guys van down by the river, but then your just lucky if its actually beef and not cat/raccoon.

    • I’ve updated the post to include the approved uses in the Canadian regulations. Not sure what your sources are.

    • Meat glue is used all over Canada every day.

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