Mobsters and Rumrunners of Canada

Posted on Mar 1, 2010 | 2 comments

OK, even my “fiction” is non-fiction. A short, light read by Gord Steinke that Silvia thought I would enjoy. If you thought all the good gangster stories came from south of the border, think again. This book details the exploits of a number of Canadian born and bred bootleggers during Prohibition. From our connection to Al Capone to the exploits of a number of individuals notorious in their own right this book covers a little known aspect of Canadian history in the 1920s.


  1. Hello interesting to find this article on your site…I am from Sandwich and remember my Mom talking about the Rum Runners from Lasalle…
    there is a book out and available now on Amazon talking about the Rumrunners from Lasalle its a new edition for a 50th anniversary…
    interesting history of Sandwhich where I grew up…
    there are a few other books available as well about Windsor a lot of smuggling etc. went on between Detroit and Windsor…
    Our friend has the original book we got to read a little last weekend
    Mary Ann

  2. I lived not far from Maple Bay Inn when it was being renovated.
    They put in an electric pannel hole. The put a hole in the outside wall. When they went inside, the wall was intact.
    After some deliberation and investigating they found the inside was 6 ft smaller than the the outside.
    After they broke through the wal, they found a table a couple of oak casks, a chair and a candlewick phone.
    It was part of the regular run of the Sailing Ship Salt Mist( later renamed Tamerask and owned by the forest service) She was then owned by Rogers Sugar out of Seattle.
    The late Dave Christy,of Rainy Bay Diving Resort, Geoff Cumpstone, and myself found several oak casts in about 35 ft of water off Beaver Point off Salt Spring Island. They were rum. All but one was salty, but one…. (smile) wasn’t that a party.

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