Seeds of Deception

Posted on Mar 1, 2010 | 0 comments

The book about Genetically Modified Organisms that the agro-industrial empire doesn’t want you to read. It’s a little unbalanced and over the top in places and manipulates the truth to fit a particular viewpoint in others. But it contains enough that it should cause you to question whether you want to participate in the largest feeding experiment in the history of the world. The bottom line here is that science doesn’t know what science doesn’t know. And there is a lot we don’t know about GMOs. Remember, scientists believed CFC’s were a far safer alternative to ammonia-based refrigeration until someone proved that the hole in the ozone that was gradually frying us was linked to CFC emissions. The original pesticides were thought to be safe until someone pointed out the impact of bio-accumulation and someone else wrote an obscure little book called “The Silent Spring”. Maybe I’m overly cynical and bordering on Ludditism but I’ll let the Monsanto execs be the guinea pigs on this one thanks.

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