The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs – Carmine Gallo

Posted on Feb 2, 2011 | 0 comments

I must admit that due to my career path I never had the opportunity to experience an Apple product first hand and therefore never became an evangelist. My first experience with an Apple was the IIc when I lived with a family in Germany for 4 months back in the eighties. My second experience with an Apple product was an iPhone. Yes, I own an iPhone. Not because it’s trendy (that was a reason not to own it) but because it’s functional and durable (how many iPhone users can attest to the fact that an iPhone will survive falling out of your pocket while hanging upside down torching the teeth off of a cultivator?). Almost all the photos and video on our website have been taken with the iPhone – most shots are only there for a moment and the iPhone is the only camera I have with me. Steve Jobs as an entrepreneur has intrigued me and when I saw the book as I was hustling through an airport last fall I made a mental note (on my iPhone). Silvia put it under the Christmas tree for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
It’s not a deep dive into Jobs’ psyche but the book does provide an alternative thought process to the general business literature. Literature that contains the recipes for creating average products. This book focuses on what it takes to create great products and a successful innovative business based on them. When you scan the list of “Seven Principles of Innovation” you’ll think it’s a rather obvious and pedestrian list. However, Gallo provides enough insight and anecdotes around each of the principles to create an interesting read.

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