The Lamb and the Rooster

Posted on Jul 20, 2011 | 0 comments

I wish I had video of this to share but I’ve been sweating so much that I’m not carrying my phone with me for fear of damaging it. We have a bottle raised lamb that has been named “Cauliflower” because our neighbour’s children thought her fleece looked exactly like a head of cauliflower. Cauliflower is a month old and is gradually exploring the world beyond our front porch. She bounds about the lawn, sampling every plant in the flower garden – not fussy on roses, loves birch and poplar leaves. Yesterday she spotted one of our free ranging roosters. This is a classic old breed rooster – a partridge cochin. Normally he struts around like he owns the place and will take on all comers. I’ve even seen the dogs change their path to avoid him. Cauliflower bounded up to the rooster. Now you have to understand that young lambs don’t skip across a lawn when they’re excited they spring from all fours. Sometimes they go straight up in the air and come down and sometimes they take a big leap forward. Cauliflower bounded up to the rooster and surprised it. It squawked and flapped out its wings. This startled Cauliflower so she jumped straight up in the air and came straight down. At this point the rooster decided to get out of Dodge and booked it for the safety of a small hedge. Cauliflower interpreted the rooster’s run for his life as an invitation to play tag and she took off after him. If you happened upon this at just the right moment it looked like a young lamb was chasing the Rooster and the rooster was running for his life. Which is probably a fairly accurate description of the Rooster’s state of mind. It’s amazing the conclusions we can draw about things we know very little about.

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